Mic-Key® - Home use and maintenance

Recommended daily maintenance:

  1. Wash skin around stoma daily as part of morning or evening hygiene. The skin around the stoma must be kept dry and clean.
  2. Flush the connecting tubes with 10-20 ml of water before and after each feeding.

Recommended weekly maintenance:

  1. Check that the balloon has the correct water level once weekly.
  2. Put in new connecting tube once weekly (or more often, depending on use).

Recommended bi-monthly maintenance:

  • Consider and treat Mic-Key® as an eating implement
  • Replace therefore Mic-Key® every second month, as it may become discoloured and the non-return valve may become weakened.

    Note: If pain or discomfort is experienced during feeding, stop feeding and contact nurse or doctor.


Good advice

  1. Adjust the correct stoma length using Mic-Key® measuring staff. Always keep a measuring staff available.

  2. Create regular routines when maintaining Mic-Key®, for instance:
    - Check balloon for correct water level every Monday.

  3. Employ and keep in mind proper food hygiene standards in all maintenance of and feeding through Mic-Key®. No sterile procedures are necessary

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